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Strategic Consulting

with Sarah Robinson

COVID-19 & Great Resignation Update

COVID-19 & Great Resignation Update

Hello – I hope this message finds you and those who matter to you safe and healthy.


We are living in the midst of strange times. Between COVID19 and The Great Resignation, many organizations and their leaders are scrambling to hold the tiller steady, keep their teams motivated and stay focused amidst the chaos.


As a seasoned executive strategist, keynote speaker and problem-solver, I’ve worked with hundreds of leaders and their teams, delivering talks, facilitating difficult conversations, leading strategic planning efforts, and serving as a sounding board and advisor to executives in internationally recognized organizations.


I’d be honored to support you and your team as you navigate these challenging times. Let’s talk over a lovely beverage (coffee, tea, sparkling water – whatever you love) in-person, on the phone or over Zoom.

We’ll discuss your biggest stress points and how I can best help you achieve your key outcomes while keeping your team focused on what’s most important - both professionally and personally.


Sound good?

Here are the seven most requested ways we can help right now:

Increasing leadership communication skills in order to think with clarity, express ideas, share information and listen effectively to employees, customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Improving remote working strategies to maximize productivity while minimizing “high-burnout” activities.

Establishing internal environments and overall culture to support the diverse priorities of a diverse workforce.

Coaching leadership and emerging leadership team members in 1:1 sessions to develop a stronger executive presence. 

Developing clear professional advancement and growth strategies and opportunities for current and emerging female and minority executives.

Training team members to deliver high-impact presentations with clarity and confidence both virtually and in-person.

NEW: We now offer Executive Styling Services.

I look forward to our conversation.  Click here to set up a time to connect.

What People Are Saying About Sarah

"Every audience is drawn in by Sarah's dynamic energy. She easily connects with everyone - from top executives to our frontline people. They walk away with the knowledge and the confidence to lead, influence and impact any audience - on the stage, in the room, at the table. Sarah delivers the goods."


"What a fabulous night! Thank you, Sarah, for your engaging and empowering talk on Women’s Leadership, Mentorship, and Diversity & Inclusion.  We are recharged and ready to tackle the new year!"

Women in Construction

"Sarah gave the highest rated session of our entire Sales Conference.  She even managed to get everyone in the audience to put away their cellphones and laptops while she spoke.  That's no easy feet in room full of salespeople.  It was the most talked about session at dinner that, too. She made a real impact."


"Sarah easily connected with our audience of leaders from around the country, surprising and challenging us with her” Know, Do, Be” leadership model. We’ve already booked her for another event and can’t wait!"

National Homebuilders Association

Ready for clarity and certainty during these

tumultuous times?

Master the right things to know, to be and to do so you can focus on what

matters most right now. Learn how today!

Or download the Speaker kit here.

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