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I'm Sarah Robinson.
Keynote Speaker & Executive Strategist for Global Brands

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What's Your Preferred Leadership Communication Style?

For a successful leader, communication is about so much more than the words we say.  It's about how we say those words, how we listen when we aren't speaking and how well we understand the preferred communication styles of our team members. 

Learn your preferred style - and theirs - by taking this quick Leadership Now! Communication Styles Quiz.


I'm thrilled and honored that you've taken a moment to visit my site. Let’s make your next conference an incredible success  by helping your audience learn how to successfully lead when the only constant is change. I believe when leaders are equipped to know, do and be what matters most during tumultuous times, organizations grow and even thrive, no matter what is happening around them.

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Are you are a female leader ready to accelerate your

professional success?

As a member of our 90-day mentoring program, you will experience tangible, high impact results: some executive women advanced to a more senior position, were offered a board seat, developed stronger leadership and presentations skills, elevated their executive presence, developed stronger personal brands and an  increased focus on results


Or download  the Female Executive Mentoring Program  PDF Brochure here.


Meaningfully Invest in Your Leadership Team


Energize and support your top leadership so they can successfully navigate the "new world of work."


Leading Through the Chaos

What successful leaders most need to know, do and  be in order to thrive in this ever changing landscape.


Leadership Now


Strategies and tips for being the focused, mindful leader you need to be - at work and in life.

Every executive woman Sarah works with is drawn in by her dynamic energy. She instills much needed confidence & clarity to skillfully and powerfully connect with, influence and impact any audience - on the stage, in the room, at the table. Sarah delivers the goods.

Kati Quigley

Sr. Director, Marketing



What started as a simple need for pitch direction became so much more. Sarah became my cheerleader, my mentor, & my champion. Sarah gave me confidence when I doubted myself, wisdom when I was lost, and a smile when I was scared. She will inspire you in ways you didn’t know possible.

Camille Mackenzie

CEO + Co-Founder



Sarah's experience as a c-suite consultant, executive coach and professional keynote speaker give her a triple-threat combination of skills that deliver potent training and coaching that sets today's executive leader apart.

Alain Poirier


Nextiva, Inc


Before working with Sarah, I was winging my presentation mindset and prep. I'd write out a few bullet points, think about my delivery, maybe have a few slides, but just prayed for butterflies to subside and for tech to work. Now I know the importance of the right kind of preparation and, more important, how to do it.

Courtney Bono
Founding Member

Managing Director

Scout & Cellar


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