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Thank you for taking your
Leadership Communication Style Quiz!

Now that you have your communication styles assessment results and you know your preferred style, let's dig deeper into the other styles. 

Remember, there is not one superior style. But picking the wrong type of communication for a particular situation, whether it's one person or a thousand, can negatively impact your ability to lead effectively.


Understanding styles that are different from yours helps you build communication flexibility, both in how you deliver your messages and receive the messages of others.

As a leader, downloading the full Leadership Communication Styles PDF will help you:

Develop and lead a more cohesive team.

Prevent personality and communication conflicts from derailing your organizations goals.

Understand how and why people on your team communicate the way they do.

Experience more productive meetings and conversations

Understand and work with styles that are different than yours

Give and receive valuable input from other styles
And much more

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Want your entire team to take the quiz? Send them this link:

Want to book an in-depth “Leadership Communication Styles” coaching session with Sarah? Click on the button below. 

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