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What if I tried to tell you.....

That men and women communicate in exactly the same way?  You'd laugh me out of the room, right? ! Because we all know that women communicate very very differently than men. 

We speak differently.

We choose words differently.

We prepare differently.

We move differently.

We solve problems differently.

We build relationships differently.

We take the stage, the mic and the floor differently.

And yet, most professional public speaking & communication coaching and training out there is either designed by a man or is built on a masculine communication style.  

I believe this is one of the biggest reasons executive and high-performing women still struggle to feel confident, compelling, and in-command when they speak in front of a group.  They're using the only approach that's available and it wasn't made for them. No wonder it feels awkward and uncomfortable.

Hi, I'm Sarah Robinson.
I've spent more than 20 years on or near a stage.

During that time, I’ve listened as some of the sharpest, most talented women I’ve ever met share frustrations like:​​​​​​​

I prepare for board meetings for weeks...

and when the mic gets handed to me, my mind goes completely blank and I feel like everyone is staring at me, waiting for me to fail.

I know I should prepare better...

so I feel more confident. And I know getting my mindset in the right place before I go out on stage is a big part of it. I just don’t know how, exactly, I’m supposed to prepare so that I knock it out of the park every single time. It’s really frustrating.

After I’ve done what I think is a poor job, I spend days rehashing every word I said, every mistake I made and every look I got from other people in the room.  It’s so bad that I try to find excuses, so I don’t have to present.

My company hired a public speaking trainer to work with me so I could get over being so anxious about it (not a good look in the c-suite).  The training was ok but using the methods and strategies I learned felt stiff and awkward.  I still feel anxious. I just hide it better.

In my position, I often have to give talks in front of large, all-company gatherings.  I never know if what I’m saying makes sense to them, if I’ve completely lost them or if I’m just plain boring.  I get flustered and start talking faster just so I can get off the stage sooner.

Last week, I had an unexpected chance to talk about my company in front of potential investors. I couldn’t pull my thoughts together and got so nervous that my voice shook. I heard myself saying um and uh – a lot.  I felt like I embarrassed myself in front people who can help my company.

Listening to these women hurts my heart.


They are at the top of their game in so many ways, but are fighting the pain, the frustration and the discouragement they feel because speaking in front of groups feels so very challenging. 


They know that their personal and professional advancement depends on “fixing it” - they just don’t know how. It doesn’t have to be this hard for them.

And it doesn’t have to be this hard for you either. You don’t need to wonder why communicating your message is so difficult, why your “audience” doesn’t get it, or why you stress over the most minor details and mistakes. 


With the right knowledge and an approach designed to work with the way women naturally communicate, you can re-engineer how you think about speaking, stepping into it with energy and confidence, excited about the opportunity rather than dreading it.


Welcome to She Speaks.

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