Manifesting with a Miracle Mindset (Blog Series)

Manifesting is my jam. I know. I've spent years being a hard-nosed corporate strategist with a no-nonsense reputation. Pull back that non-nonsense curtain, though, and you'll find crystals, and sage and a deep belief in a power greater than myself conspiring for my highest and best.

Part of what made me such a great strategist is my ability to keep my mind flexible and focused all the same time. It's also the secret to my mad manifesting skills.

In my life, I've been fotunate enough to study with some of the most amazing spiritual teachers in the world who also happen to be extraordinary manifesting experts. Pulling together what I've learned with what I know actually works, I've developed my unique appraoch to creating a Miracle Mindset.

Right now, most every one I know is in need of some kind of miracle. If that's you, I'm glad you're here. I'm going to share what works for me and for my clients. I invite you to muster a little faith (that's actually s

tep number one) and give this approach a try.

To keep it feeling light and loose, I'll take it one step at a time, giving you time to work with each step before moving on to the next. Sound good?

Great! Let's get started.

Step One: Faith

Here's the thing. I'm not here to tell you who or what to have faith in. That's is for you to come to. The only thing I don't accept is that someone doesn't have any faith in something they can't see or understand. If you walk into a room, turn on a light switch and expect there to be light, you've got faith in something you can see and, unless you are an electrician, something you don't really understand.

In my own spiritual recovery journey, some of the best advice I ever heard was "I don't care if you have faith in the door knob. Just believe that and do all the other doings to get better."

I extend the same advice to you. :-)

So, now. About faith. Some people will tell you that it is important to have immoveable faith that your exact, detailed miracle will happen. Has already happened. In my experience, manifesting miracles doesn't work like that and getting caught up in that way of thinking can cause a great adeal of frustration and heartbreak. Yes of course you have a specific, ideal miracle in mind. The one you believe is exactly what needs to happen. And in my next post, I'm going to talk about how and why that is helpful, so don't toss that out.

When I talk about having faith, though, I'm talking having faith in two things:

1) A power greater than yourself that lovingly wants what is the very best for all involved. I don't care what you call it. God, the Unverse, Allah, Great Spirit, a Higher Power or The Door Knob. Truly, I'm agnostic about that.

2) That this power is working for the best outcome. We have very limited vision of the whole picture, like having our nose pressed against the Mona Lisa. We don't see the whole masterpiece. A Higher Power can see the entire work of art.

When we align ourselves with this kind of faith, the Big Miracles start to happen.

I'm sure everyone can remember ardently praying for something. A something we just KNEW what the exact thing that needed to happen. And,it didn't. THANK GOD. If it it had, it would have been a complete disaseter. Or kept us from something so much better.

It's like the guy I once loved fiercely who dumped me. I wanted a miracle that would bring him back to me. I was certain this was the only conceivable outcome that would make me happy. He didn't come back. I was heartbroken then and I AM SO GLAD NOW! He's like a used tire salesman or something now and lives in a trailer. I can't imagine my life tangled up with all that. That he did NOT come back is the true miracle.

I have tons of other examples like that and I bet, if you put some thought into it, you do, too. We can be so certain we know what would be best, when in reality, we just really really don't.

So have faith my friend. Faith that a power that loves is working on the very best miracle for you.

Tune in tomorrow when I'll talk about to do with all the desire, and all the anxiety around desperately wanting and need a miracle!

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