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Our Services


We work with individuals and organizations who value strong female leaders in our workforce, on our leadership teams, at our board tables and on national stages. 

All of our coaching and consulting engagements are custom-created  to meet the goals and needs of our clients.  We work with individual female executives, founders and thought leaders as well as companies and non-profits ready to meaningfully invest in their female leadership.


Our mission as a company is to help women develop into compelling, captivating and in- command communicators, capable of leading teams, departments, organizations and the world.

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Individual Client Services


Virtual & In-Person Coaching for:

  • Executive Leadership

  • External & Internal Pitches

  • Keynote Development & Delivery

  • Board Meeting Prep

  • Communication Confidence

  • Executive Presence

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Corporate Client Services

All in-house coaching & consulting engagements are custom created to make the biggest impact on specific goals.

Corporate clients often hire us for:

  • Individual Executive Coaching

  • Professional Development Workshops

  • Board & Executive Team Retreats & Meeting Facilitation

  • Keynoting a Corporate Event

  • Emerging Leader Executive Presence Coaching


Read more about our corporate programs here or book a call below.


Every executive woman Sarah works with is drawn in by her dynamic energy. She instills much needed confidence & clarity to skillfully and powerfully connect with, influence and impact any audience - on the stage, in the room, at the table. Sarah delivers the goods.

Kati Quigley

Sr. Director, Marketing


What started as a simple need for pitch direction became so much more. Sarah became my cheerleader, my mentor, & my champion. Sarah gave me confidence when I doubted myself, wisdom when I was lost, and a smile when I was scared. She will inspire you in ways you didn’t know possible.

Camille Mackenzie

CEO + Co-Founder



Sarah's experience as a c-suite consultant, executive coach and professional keynote speaker give her a triple-threat combination of skills that deliver potent training and coaching that sets today's executive leader apart.

Alain Poirier


Nextiva, Inc


Before working with Sarah, I was winging my presentation mindset and prep. I'd write out a few bullet points, think about my delivery, maybe have a few slides, but just prayed for butterflies to subside and for tech to work. Now I know the importance of the right kind of preparation and, more important, how to do it.

Courtney Bono
Founding Member

Managing Director

Scout & Cellar


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